The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.
George Bernard Shaw

Accounting and fiscal expertise

Corporate services

Creation of international and Luxembourg organisations

We are working constantly on this, every day

In order to release you from your obligations on an accounting and fiscal level, we have been developing and making our expertise available to small and medium-sized companies, family organisations and private individuals for twenty-five years. On your behalf, we ensure the accuracy and perfect compliance of your accounts, and the optimisation of your fiscal status, in line with the laws and regulations governing your status and your activity. We constantly verify that your situation conforms with the changes to standards, laws and regulations.

We believe in a tailor-made service

We regularly take the exact measure of your situation and your aspirations, and offer you a head-to-toe solution corresponding to your specific case. The “fiducia” trust link that we will establish will double this solution for a long-term vision guaranteeing optimum efficiency.

We seize opportunities

Every change and every development is synonymous with an opportunity. We research, analyse and seize these on your behalf, so that you can reap the benefit.

We multiply points of view

In the twenty-five years we have been in the Grand Duchy, we have established an extensive network of contacts and partners that we call on in order to multiply points of view on or take care of your requirements with maximum efficiency, especially in terms of social secretariat matters and other specific services.

We stand beside you personally

You have the guarantee of being assisted personally by us, the two partners that direct ATTC. Availability, direct contact, dynamic service and proactivity are the additional bonuses from which we would like you to benefit, from our offices located near the Place de Nancy, a few minutes from the lively centre of Luxembourg, in a pleasant district where it easy to park.